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The Amazing Hacks Of Breeze Block Screen Wall

Still confused to find a complement to your home design? Why not start trying a breeze block screen wall?

breeze block screen wall is arguably one of the breakthroughs in the form and design of concrete ventilation within the breeze block architecture in the home. Indeed, initially, ventilation was only considered a solution to air circulation media, but in fact, the use of ventilation is now increasingly diverse. Which turned out to be very influenced by interior and exterior decoration trends of the house. Therefore, do not be surprised when you find that more and more ventilation supply services are selling various shapes and models.

So, what exactly is the function of the breeze block screen wall?

It can be a beautiful fence

Even though for the first time the use of ventilation is only focused on air circulation and light space for the home. However, with the increase in reference decoration and changes in housing design trends, the use of ventilation also experienced a significant trend movement. At present ventilation is not only functioned as a place for air exchange but also as a house screen and interior design complement, one of which is through the wind block screen wall.

However, this usage certainly does not use the breeze block screen wall as the foundation of the house, but purely a fence. This is because the ventilation structure is hollow and has many cavities, causing it will not be sturdy if positioned as a form of the house foundation.

The solution to the design and the light

The use of concrete ventilation as one of the choices of the wall of the house because of no need to get tired thinking about the sun or air in the house. Once again, the condition of the hollow ventilation structure causes the inside of the house not to worry about lack of sunlight. The house will not be easily damp and musty-smelling, also easily overgrown with mold. This situation is also what makes the house can always be cool because the cavity in the breeze block screen wall (locally known in Indonesian as: roster beton, roster minimalis, roster beton minimalis, roster terakota, roster gravel minimalis, roster cor beton or roster tanah liat) allows the use of fences as well as an air distributor.

A single vent, for various furniture functions.

Another function of using the breeze block screen wall is to complement the furniture. Some complementary furniture that can be paired with him is as a complement to the garden at home, then as a combination of display shelves with wall dividers, to complement small windows on the inside of the house.

So those are some interesting and varied functions of using breeze block screen wall!

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